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The Enlightened Edge Seminar:

Creative Tension for Transformation

Are you a leader, a creative or a change agent?

IF YOU have a passion for transformation, authenticity and connection…

IF YOU are a helping professional or leader who facilitates change on a regular basis…

IF YOU understand that your effectiveness is rooted in how you hold yourself and your client…

IF YOU want to use the power of relationship to become a more effective catalyst for change…

IF YOU know that there is more you could do to fulfill your own untapped potential as a healer, coach, counselor, therapist, facilitator, leader, or change agent…

THEN this group could be a powerful and life changing next step in your work and life.

This seminar will work with principles from my book, The Enlightened Edge for Leaders: Ignite the Power of You. The book will be used as a launching pad to greater personal and professional expansion.

We will focus on how you can emerge as a more powerful change agent so you can lead both yourself and your client to greater expansion, freedom, and fulfillment.

This is a fantastic opportunity to work deeply and powerfully not only with me, but with a group of dedicated professionals who are each committed to greater mastery and transformation in their lives.

What you will gain

  • A clearer view of who you are in your professional role, your potential, and what you need to do to make that potential a reality
  • Tools to anchor your personal and professional strengths
  • Courage and loving support to make choices that will serve you and your clients in a more expansive way
  • Greater freedom to leverage your strengths and minimize limiting behaviors, especially as they show up professionally
  • A tailored set of antidotes for reactions that don’t serve you or your clients
  • Supportive and stimulating alliances that will help anchor changes you want to make
  • Significant resources for ongoing self-renewal

To Get More Information or to Sign Up!

Please call Barbara at 206-361-4730 or email. We can talk about what you need and to make sure this group is a good fit for you at this time. We can also discuss dates, cost and additional information for this program.

If there are other people you would like to have join you in this adventure, please share this information with them. Sharing an in-depth process like this with a friend or colleague can be very enriching.

If Your Organization Needs An Enlightened Edge™

If your organization needs more of an Enlightened Edge, I would be happy to connect with you and/or your manager to discuss the group, how it might benefit the organization, and to ensure alignment.

If you want to sponsor a workshop, or have Barbara speak at an event, let’s talk! Please call or email.


Praise for The Enlightened Edge

“This is a thought provoking, insightful, powerful book. For leaders, for life.”
Stephen R. Covey, author of The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People and The Leader in Me

“An illuminating book that could change your life.”
Marshall Goldsmith, author of the New York Times bestsellers, Triggers, MOJO and What Got You Here Won’t Get You There

The Enlightened Edge is a powerful and illuminating book that will transform your understanding of how to become a true leader. With clarity, depth and inspiration, Barbara Bouchet explains how the path of heart and soul will help you truly make a difference in the world.”
— Barbara De Angelis Ph.D., #1 NY Times bestselling author of How Did I Get Here? and Soul Shifts

“By working with the powerful alchemy of shadow and light, limitation and liberation, The Enlightened Edge gives you the profound and pragmatic resources to become an integrated leader of life!”
— Kevin Cashman, best selling author of Leadership from the Inside-Out and Awakening the Leader Within

“This book shows you how to become the leader you were meant to be, to be more influential and persuasive, and get better results through others than ever before.”
— Brian Tracy, author of How the Best Leaders Lead

“Barbara Bouchet’s book reflects her long experience at showing people how to get out of their own way. Her uniquely supportive yet challenging approach facilitates connection with self and others. She leads the reader through a series of practical exercises and specific examples that outline a process for transformation. She also makes it clear that this path is best traveled with someone who is skilled in guiding others. I recommend Barbara and this book as guides along the path.”
Hannah S. Wilder, PhD, MCC, President, Advantara® Global Executive Learning and Coach Certification Institute

“I read this book hoping to find some tools and tips that would be helpful in my coaching practice. I did not expect the profound insight it gave me about my own life. I highly recommend you read it twice – once for yourself and once for the leaders in your life.” — Jillian Ihsanullah, PhD, Principal Consultant, Linkage, Inc.

The Enlightened Edge for Leaders provides life-changing tools and techniques that touch all aspects of our lives, at work and at home. Barbara leverages her professional experiences to provide insights into both the internal and interpersonal dynamics that are constantly at play. I highly recommend this book to anyone who wants to take the next step toward self-realization.”
Edith Feild, Sr. Director, Integrations, Philips Women’s Healthcare

“No one I know is as qualified as Barbara to share wisdom on the connections between personal growth and leadership capability. I’ve personally experienced the depth of her insight and know there are so many people who would also find her help a turning point in their careers and lives.”
—Daniel K. Oestreich, consultant and co-author, Driving Fear Out of the Workplace and The Courageous Messenger